Who are we?

The Vogueclub adventure began in 2015 in New York, with Charles and Michael, two sneaker enthusiasts. They quickly realised that there was no platform in the United States that offered a quality buying experience. A platform dedicated to sneakers, where it would be possible to buy or sell a pair of shoes in complete security, with its authenticity guaranteed. This is how Wethenew was born in 2015, to meet the expectations of this new market and its fans.

In a few years, the team has grown from 2 to over 70 sneakers lovers, all driven by the desire to offer the best possible experience in buying and reselling streetwear products.

The Vogueclub team has a young, ambitious project and has had its own identity and voice since its creation, with Process & Progress as its common thread, a motto that has accompanied the team since its early days.

Our mission

To give all sneakers and streetwear lovers, enthusiasts and curious people the opportunity to buy the limited products they like with confidence.

The pairs offered by Wethenew are, for the most part, instantly out of stock when they are released in shops and on traditional websites. They are then sold new on a secondary market at much higher prices because demand exceeds the offer. To propose its products, Wethenew has created a network of several tens of thousands of partner retailers in Europe.